Posted by Admin | August 1st, 2013

Bill Mulrow is an acknowledged leader in the Wall Street world and has achieved an outstanding reputation in finance and asset management. In his current position with the Blackstone Group, Mulrow serves as a Senior Managing Director for the Investor Relations and Business Development Group. Bill Mulrow‘s duties include raising capital to support the Blackstone Group’s private investment funds.

Thanks to his proven knowledge of the U.S. financial marketplace, Bill Mulrow has been tapped to serve as Chairman for several New York housing and financial agencies. His career-long focus on public service has made him a welcome asset in these government posts and allows him to provide expert guidance and leadership even in treacherous economic times. Mulrow’s depth of experience in the public sector allows him to balance the responsibilities of his position at Blackstone with his governmental duties, ensuring that he maintains the same high caliber of performance that has characterized his entire professional career.

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